With years of work here I am

About Me

Learning is my passion, solutions are my motivator.
Making money from the things I enjoy is a dream of mine
and paying rent obviously


Martial Arts

Getting my black belt in the middle of 2019.

This Website

Being used since college, this website serves as a front facing reposatory for my skills.

Home Assistant

The subject of my first blog on this website and currently under development.

GM Designer Duo

Coming third place in the General Motors team Designer Duo competiton

GM Hackathon

Coming third place in the GM team Hackathon, also getting award for 'Best Presentation' as part of that conversation

My Projects

Please see my github for more projects, plus now that I am working full time, I have more time and money for projects!


My proficiencies.

Web Stack

I have a understanding and experience with web design. including JS, PHP, HTML, CSS


Knowing and using OOP principles to leverage this language to build many applications


Building and designing multiple large scale capable databases.


Knowing how to use OOP principles while also taking advantage of the C practises within the language.


Being used for fast paced development, data analytics and machine learning.


Coming Soon!