Home Assistant Installation Project

About this project

This project serves to introduce some basic home automation to my apartment.
This will be done using Home Assistant running on a Rasberry Pi 4 with a Zigbee USB stick.

Research & preparation


Research first, using Youtube, I explored different channals to watch tutorials on Home Assistant technoligies. This was to get a feel for the plausability of this project. Once this was done and I had concluded this project possible. I moved over to the Home Assistant main website. This was to look through documentation, API Endpoints and general developer tools.
I had too often planned out ideas to only never commit, so at this point I wanted to actually get started!



Rasberry Pi Computer

Once this was completed I thought it time to finally order somethng! Ordering a Pi 4b and case from PiHut plus a Zigbee stick and sd card from Amazon. This is a good start for testing and will order more devices once I am at this point!

Home Assistant Installation


Rasberry Pi Computer

Coming Soon!